About NNME

Imagine a time in the not too distant future where every band you ever loved has reformed at least once. For better or worse every imaginable reunion has become a reality. Only The Stone Roses and the Smiths are left to complete Rock Music Mark II. (And in many cases the brutal flogging process for mark III, mark IV, mark V etc. has begun).

Set in the future, hovering somewhere close to a completely spurious Year Zero of 2034, conveniently 40 years after Oasis released Shakermaker as a single. This seems to mark the birth of modern music as absolute repetition of the past. Modern sounding repetition of a past truly overwhelming the future as a new product. A monument to a pop moment resculpted from the same sounds, time and time again.

By attempting to not look to the past like so many 21st century rival music publications, the New New Musical Express archives articles from the future pages of rock. Our belief is that pop music has and never should have anything to do with the past but only about the future. The new.

Articles are arranged in no particular order, with only simple details about their future publication dates included. Occasionally revelatory, sometimes uplifting,  but all too often bleak reminders that minor est plús. Close your eyes and imagine yourself stood at as a teenager at a memorable gig. Now open your eyes and find yourself at the reunion tour, holding in your hands the umpteenth re-released recording of this musical concept braced to be rehashed forever. The future may not be as pretty as you had hoped...

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