Give a dog a Bone / June 2024

Former Oasis guitarist Bonehead has angered Noel Gallagher and the Oasis estate by re-releasing the bands second album (What's the Story) Morning Glory in its entirety as a series of club anthems and remixes under his own label Bone-On Beats.
The disc impeeds all copyright laws of the album, which are owned by Noel and Creation Records, but the disc is only being distributed as a mail order CD-r and Bonehead claims demand is overwhelming.
"It started as a word of mouth thing and now it's gone bonkers, everyone wants a copy." Said Bonehead, real name Paul Arthurs. "Thom Yorke got in touch last week saying he hated the original album but that these remixes blew his tits off. I've been collecting these remixes for years but Noel never wanted anyone to hear them as he thought they weren't 'Beatlesy' enough. I just hope Noely Boy never hears the album as he will be shitting bricks! If he hears what we have done to some of his guitar parts he is going to hit the roof, but fook him!"

The album is available through Bone-On Beats and the complete tracklisting is as below:

1. Hello (Get Tha' Funk Away Glitter Club Mix)
2. Roll With It (Stampeeed Club Edit) 
3. Wonderwall (95 Gone Re-Wired Mix)
4. Don't Look Back In Anger  (720' Degree Dropdown Cut)
5. Hey Now!  (Slasher in Vegas *MINISTRY REWRITE* Mix)
6. (Interlude)  (dUN'T fUNK mY pUNK Fun Lovin' Criminals vs Wire Crunxxx Mix)
7. Some Might Say (Armend Van Helden *Stay All Night* Sted Fast Blend)
8. Cast No Shadow  (Blood on the Coxxxon Blur mix)
9. She's Electric (Spitfire Rearranged Death Trap Summer 95' Mix)
10. Morning Glory (Grater hater (Brackets on Acid) Trance Drop 1997)
11. (Interlude) (Fury Old Tits **CENSORED** Remastered Mix)
12. Champagne Supernova (Gravediggaz vs Lambrusco Back to 95' Beats)

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    This has made m y day!Probably the daftest thing on the inernet but brilliant. Keep it up mate!


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