(Very) Slight Return: The Bluetones reform / February 2016

Is this the shortest gig in the history of rock or the beginning of the end for Britpop reformations? Nineties legends the Bluetones learnt the hard way on the opening night of their Slight Return 2016 reform tour in Cardiff.

Taking to the stage The Bluetones strummed out that familiar first chord of their 1996 hit-single Slight Return. business as usual they probably thought. But before frontman Mark Morris could draw breath on delivering the opening line of 'Where did you go?'  a potato was hurled from the 30 strong audience puncturing the drummers bass skin. The band immediately left the stage and 10 long minutes later the announcement was made that:

"Due to safety reasons the Bluetones will not be completing tonights concert. The bar will remain open. Goodnight."

After a period of crowd unrest the potato throwing culprit was later identified as Dr. Mick Lewelyn of Cardiff University. We managed to catch up with him after the gig to find out why he threw the vegetable so early in the performance.

"I feel a bit of a prick actually" said Mick. "I threw the spud as a knee jerk reaction- I thought they were Shed 7 who I fucking hate. Always have. Truth be told I actually quite like the Bluetones." Mick apologised to the band afterwards who released a statement on their website saying they "weren't that arsed" anyway.

"I guess I should have given them a bit longer than one chord and four words before judging them" he chuckled.

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