Daydreaming of the Perfect Mix / February 2020

Nineties Britpop almost rans, Menswear are set to mark the 25th anniversary of their 1995 debut album Nuisance by re-releasing it as a super deluxe double-disc effort, but with only one song. Vocalist Johnny Dean explains more.

NNME: So the new version of Nuisance is quite a change from the original?
JD: You could say that! When we all got together for this project it quickly became apparent that the only Menswear track that had stood the test of time was Daydreamer. Sad, but unfortunately true. Times change, fashions come and go but Daydreamer will always be a classic. So we just thought lets put out the definitive guide to the definitive Menswear song, and thats what we did.

NNME: It really is a thorough examination. Talk us through the tracks.
JD: Well it all began a few years back when Darren Tudgay, our former roadie, called me up and said he had found a suitcase full of recordings of old versions of Daydreamer. You can imagine my surprise; some of these dated back to 1992 for Christ sake! He was searching round his loft for a suitcase because he was going on holiday to Ibiza later that day and then came across the old tapes. Daz (accidentally) took the tapes to Ibiza with him and got friendly with a few local DJs! He got a whole load of remixes done and after a bit of a battle with the label, the project took off.

NNME: I read in a recent interview with MixMag that over two years Tudgay amassed an enormous collection of Daydreamer remixes, even admitting that he had become, in his words, 'dangerously obsessed' with getting the perfect remix. How many remixes did you have to choose from?
JD: Absolutely fuck loads! At least 250, maybe more. I mean some of them were dreadful. Most actually. Really painful to listen to. We were quite selective over what went on the final disc. 

NNME: What was the bands criteria for a 'good remix'?
JD: Well Stuart (bassist)and Simon (guitarist) wanted to recapture the swirling, claustrophobic build up that we had originally intended for the song. The doom-filled leading bass riff was something Simon felt lent itself well for repetitive dance music. But for me, as long as the 'breath deeper...Daydreamer' bit was in it, I was happy.
NNME: And disc two is a live CD?
JD: Yes. Odds and sods from the Menswear vault! I mean not all of them are great recordings but considering their age most are bearable. I think a few of them are even the full version of the song- haven't had a chance to listen to them all yet- but hey that's the nature of live music for you. Any favorites? The Sheffield recording is one of the best as you can make out the vocals almost as well as the drums.

NNME: And plans in the near future to tour the release or dare I say it- new material?
JD: Wouldn't have thought so, this album really took it out of us. We won't be back for a while...

Tracklisting for the Nuisance re-release are below. The album will be, according to Universal, 'available soon'.
Disc 1
Daydreamer (Radio Edit)
Daydreamer (Album Version)
Daydreamer (Motiv8 mix)
Daydreamer (Original 8 track demo)
Daydreamer (Extended Mix)
Daydreamer (Where To Get Naked Remix Mash Up)
Daydreamer (El Barco Para Es Vedra 2017 Mix)
Daydreamer (Hybrid's Twisted On The Terrace Remix)
Daydreamer (Solarstone's Deeper Sunrise Mix) 
Daydreamer (World of Twist vs Kojac Deathray Remix)
Daydreamer (Bryan Kearney's Filth Treatment Intro Remix)
Daydreamer (Armin Van Buuren Basic Instinct Remix)
Daydreamer (Dorfmeister Con Madrid De Los Austrias Dub Mix)
Daydreamer (Instrumental)

Disc 2
Daydreamer (Live at Manchester Apollo 1993)
Daydreamer (Live at Bristol University 1994)
Daydreamer (Live at Norwich UEA 1995)
Daydreamer (Live at King's College London Students' Union 1995)
Daydreamer (Live at Sheffield University 1995)
Daydreamer (Live at Southampton Joiners Arms 1995)
Daydreamer (Live at Portsmouth Pyramids 1996)
Daydreamer (Live at Leeds Cockpit 1995)
Daydreamer (Live at Oxford Zodiac 1993)
Daydreamer (Live at Essex University 1995)
Daydreamer (Live at Glastonbury 1995)
Daydreamer (Live at T in the Park 1995)
Daydreamer (Live at Newcastle, Polytechnic 1993)
Daydreamer (Live at Hull, Adelphi 1994)
Daydreamer (Live at Lyon, Le Transbordeur, France 1995)

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