Crash Bang Wallop! / August 2027

27 years after they released their one and only album, Monmouth indie hopefuls Crashland have decided to call it a day. The late nineties band released their debut album entitled Glued in 2000 but felt the pressure to deliver the follow up has been too much. Over the years they have got back together on no less than fifteen occasions, but were never able to reunite long enough to complete the now, never to be heard follow up album with the working title Sour, Bitter and Vinegary Blood.

Crashland also released two singles, Modern Animal and New Perfume and an EP, The Devoted. The band will unite next month for one final playing of Modern Animal at their local pub The Britannia Inn. According to their website the planned 'live jukebox performance' promises to be "moving, tasteful and devoid of regret."

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