New Beatles Grammar Compilation / November 2026

The Beatles are to release the forth in their 'English Grammar best of the Beatles series', with a new compilation album entitled The 'Do Not' Contraction Collection. The track listing is as below and contains all of the bands hits that use the popular contraction of 'don't' (as apposed to the longer 'do not') within their title.

Don't Bother Me
Don't Ever Change
Don't Let Me Down
Don't Pass Me By
Honey Don't
I Don't Want To Spoil The Party
I Just Don't Understand 
Why Don't We Do It In The Road

As previously reported with the previous four albums in the series (Hasn't/Has not, Can't/Cannot, I'll/I will) the release has been met with much criticism with fans claiming the Beatles estate are ripping people off by releasing yet another rehashed compilation of Beatles songs. Last night Paul McCartney was involved in a bitter Twitter argument with fans who claimed the recent compilations were the most ridiculous since the infamous 2022 compilation Onions and Strawberries: the best of the Beatles which only contained two tracks (Strawberry Fields Forever and Glass Onion). McCartney retaliated with the following tweet with his account mysteriously closing down moments later:

" U BUY IT. . . U LAP IT UP. . . ALL OF IT..  KISS MY RING... X 0 X "

We at NNME have put together a list of our favourite Beatles compilation albums released over recent years:

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EVERY TRACK... EVER (28 Disc boxset)
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The Beatles: Number 3's and lower
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The Shit Ones: Yellow Submarine revisited

Stone Roses release Easter egg single / February 2036

The Stone Roses have teamed up with Cadbury to re-release their 1992 single I am the Resurrection in the form of an Easter egg.

The chart-eligible single- which contains a chocolate egg, six miniature monkey chocolates and a CD copy of the single- will be available to buy at Forbuoys newsagents for £3.99 from Monday, despite singer Ian Brown being the only member of the band involved in the project. The egg (below) has divided opinions from both ex-members of the band and religious groups who feel the egg looses sight of the real meaning of Easter.

A spokesman for the Church of England has hit out at Brown calling him 'slimy' whilst the Reverend Paul Touchy, writer for the Church Times, penned a scathing editorial on Brown claiming him to be 'out of touch' and a 'senseless fucker'.

Ian Brown has also angered ex-bandmate John Squire who last night tweeted:

" When will he stop soiling the memory of the greatest debut album ever made? :( #dick "

Meanwhile a statement on the Stone Roses official website reads as follows:

"The Stone Roses, the Stone Roses Merchandise Corporation, Cadbury The Ian Brown Estate and the I Wanna Be Adored Save a Child Registered Charity are pleased to announce the release of the I Am The Resurrection Easter Egg. A foil wrapped Cadbury chocolate egg encompasses six miniature Ian Brown 'monkey' chocolate figurines with a copy of the classic 'I am the Resurrection' single. Strictly limited to 75000 and with a percentage* of sales going to the I Wanna Be Adored Save the Child Registered Charity this is an exciting opportunity for fans of the Stone Roses and Easter alike. 
*At least 0.26%

The I Wanna Be Adored Save the Child Registered Charity has been in trouble in the past with claims that little or no money actually reaches its charitable destination. Treasurer Ian Brown has blamed this on "bureaucracy".