(Won't) Wake Up Boo! / March 2017

Nine years after first pushing PLAY> and REPEAT a body has been discovered in a Suffolk terrace house.
An unidentified person who is understood to have died nine years earlier of suspected heart failure was found at 9 Credibility Street, Woodbridge last week with the stereo having been playing the same Boo Radleys track on repeat all that time.  The CD single, which the police later described as being 'dangerously warm', had been playing the Boo Radleys 1995 classic Wake Up Boo around two million times since some time in 2008. The decomposed body, which was found by a door-to-door Jehova Witness, was sat upright in an armchair next to a CD Alba stereo system. No other details have yet emerged.

Neighbours George and Gladys Branford were said to be "surprised" that their neighbour had died almost a decade earlier. They went on to say "we sometimes heard music through the walls, but just thought he was a very private person set in his musical ways. It's dreadful really." At this stage police said "it was difficult to know how long he had been listening to the track before he had died or whether he was even a fan of the Boo Radleys or not." The band were not available for comment although bass player Timothy Brown mysteriously changed his Facebook status to "...X..." for three hours after the news was made public.

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