Record Rage / September 2028

Welsh rockers Catatonia are in the middle of a moral dilemma over plans to re-release their 1998 'classic' album International Velvet, with one woman on suicide watch and another in police custody. 

Mrs Jenny Lacey of Llandudno has publicly threatened to 'end her own life' live on her website if the re-release goes ahead, claiming that, in her words, "it is her human right to choose to not live in a world where that shit freely exists", leaving Catatonia under enormous pressure to shelve plans to re-release the album for its thirtieth anniversary. Mrs Lacey has apparently spent years campaigning for the removal of the album and set up the controversial website where the public were urged to get all copies of International Velvet out of circulation and is the site police believe could be where Mrs Lacey intends to commit suicide on.

Meanwhile her sister Elsie is in a police sell for threatening to 'end the lives of others' if the record gets its planned re-issue next month. Catatonia were unavailable for comment but reports from a friend of guitarist Mark Roberts suggest that the band "couldn't care less about how many innocents die- this album is coming out."

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