Modfather fights back / April 2019

Steve Cradock has angered fans of the Jam this week with the name of his new band.

The former Ocean Colour Scene frontman, and longstanding Weller fan, unveiled his new band Paulweller which fans of Paul Weller and the Jam claim to be disrespectful and blatant plagiarism of his name. However Cradock claims the band name is intended to be pronounced as 'Poll Wull Ur' and has nothing to do with Modfather legend Paul Weller.

"I admit the letters look a little bit similar although for me that is where the comparisons end," said Cradock last night outside, the Jamm, a Jam tribute concert in Barnsley. "The band sound nothing like the Jam or Weller. 'Paulweller' are basically a blend of the Style Council mixed with classic mod-era OCS. I really can't see what the fuss is all about?" Cradock went onto explain that "Paulweller basically means justice and respect for all. It is a beautiful word."

Fans have spent the morning protesting outside Cradock's Buckinghamshire home with one angry Weller fan scratching "STP SUXING WELLRS COCK" into the petrol tank of Cradock's Vespa.

Paulweller, which consists of the members of Ocean Colour Scene are set to release their debut album- (Going Underground) To The Tube Station in Eaton - next month.

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