Hurricane #1 go prog? / June 2023

Nineties Brit Rockers Hurricane #1 are set to return later this year despite many fans being confused about the musical direction the band are now taking.

Twenty four years after their last album, Only The Strongest Will Survive, the band have got back together with a new album, the bizarrely titled- 'Planet VX114.6685 Xcyclrongth (One Can Only Weepeth till Death: Then She Comes)'. The title has left many fans unsure about what to expect from the new material and the official press release was even more confusing, containing only the following text extract on their website and a 14 minute-long mp3 recording of singer and ex-Oasis bassist, Andy Bell sobbing. The statement read as follows:

Hurricane #1 have stumbled across a portal of time that allows them to travel 42,000 years into the past. Armed without arms, only with the evil rock powers of the infernal warp soldiers can they reside on 'N'th level planetary Earth and stave off the green wave that comes to slaughter them. ‘MEN OF ORRAX, TO ME!’ Corgrim screamed, charging out directly into the guitar crossfire of the enemy. Explosions of sound went off around them and the cones of ripping death homed in on the band like fresh meat for the grinder. The tang of blood was thick on the air, as the sounds of Ingrandith V and the Space Morphonium ritual bellowed out. A Predatory crew and their exploits against the Orks will be the final recording. DEATH TO YOUR SPEAKERS ARRYANA! DEATH!

Prog rock? Space rock? Warhammer? Complete nonsense? Only time will tell.

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