Back On For Echobelly / June 2022

Britpop legends Echobelly are set to re-release their 1994 album On but intend to rename it iPad/Facebook/Porn in an attempt to increase their web search presence and the public's interest in the album.

Five years ago the band re-released their 1997 masterpiece Lustra on 8.5" peppermint green 'liquid' vinyl which, after extremely poor sales, left their own label- Internet Explorer Records -'crippled.' In a recent outburst to Mayfair magazine singer Sonya Madan claims that the record buying public are 'stingy cunts' and that it was 'with great sadness that the album had to be re-named in such a way'. However DJ Steve Lamacq claims the album sounded 'even better' with the new name although long standing fan Morrissey reportedly 'wept for a day' upon hearing the news.

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