A Little Joy? / April 2026

Lauded post-Britpop sci-fi glam pop rockers Gay Dad are reforming...
Or are they?...
They're not.

But in a way, they are. We caught up with former frontman Cliff Jones outside the Brighton branch of Claire's Accessories to see if he could shed some light on the subject.

NNME: So Cliff, what's going on dude?

Cliff: Well we're sat outside the most post-surrealist futurist example of a shop in the world, a shop which peddles affordable slut paint to girls under 16... its just an obvious example of the capitalist society which we live in, and getting kids while they are still young. I think its horrific. These girls are just used by capitalism to feed the rich and that, and George Bush and Bankers and you know we're a country that's just a poodle to George Bush and Tony Blair and... and there was never any weapons of mass destruction and it was all about the oil anyway...

NNME: But Cliff, that was like 20 years ago?

CLIFF: Yeah but, anyway... where was I? Yeah so, what we're planning on doing is something really revolutionary that will shake cultures and governments to the ground, man.

NNME: Sounds great what is it?

CLIFF: I give you a world exclusive... GAY... DAD ….....JUNIORS ….. yeah. A band based on the music/ look/ spirit of GAY DAD! But 13 year olds!

NNME: And where do you see yourself in the picture?

I see myself as a poet, slash media manipulator, slash voice of a silent generation. Probably the inspiration more than anything. And sole profiteer slash majority shareholder slash CEO... But its still about disorder, like, the band will be playing songs I write, and dress how I think they should, in order to cause the maximum political disorder, erm, yeah, you know the system and the man, of course.

NNME: So will these be sort of political songs?

CLIFF: No cos I cant make political words rhyme very easy. There might be a few Gay Day classics for everyone to sing along to as well, like Oh Jim? Remember that one?

NNME: Errr. Oh course, I loved Oh Tim it was my favourite! But, Ok. You do know this sort of things has been done before? S Club Juniors?

CLIFF: Oh yeah, S Club Juniors, yeah, no, cool, respect, man. Yeah I read about them on a Wikipedia threat about politics, yeah, they were a South American Guerrilla Militia weren't they?

NNME: No they were a group of seven 14-year-olds , who wore GAP clothes and had GAP faces and GAP smiles and GAP opinions.

CLIFF: The clothes store? That's cool, they sound pretty dangerous, man.

NNME: No they were an evil money making scheme by Simon Fuller?

CLIFF: Oh right, well, this is no money making scheme this is to rock the core man, to..to.. fuck people up, man. While making a little profit. And you know, you can't fuck adults up, cos they're all jaded and given up on life but kids haven't, you know you can get the kids and fuck em, you know?

NNME: If I were you I'd never say that sentence again, it just sounds a bit odd.

CLIFF: Ah, you just don't get it man, in the late 90's when we were everywhere, NME front cover, Melody Maker front cover, Top of the Pops, The Sun's Bizarre column, The O-Zone, TFI Friday, it was like Beatlemania, people would literally come up to us in the street and looked like they might recognise us from somewhere, you know, and I regret that we didn't use this massive power we had. We could have changed the world. Everyone loved us, the fans at our gigs... man you could literally here them applaud after songs. The critics loved us too, most gave us pretty favourable reviews, we even got 3 stars in 'The Times'. And looking back I thought, I could have changed more peoples lives, but the drink took over. I was on a bottle of wine every few days, and before I knew it band members had left to “further their careers”. So this a chance to me take back whats mine and rock the world again. So watch out fans, To Earth With Love!!

We parted on bad ways and just as I started my final question the shopping malls security guards moved us on. I also had to get back to the office so left Cliff who had to get the 4:15 bus back to the Hove District Community Centre as he had the medium hall booked for two hours. Two hours in which to find Cliff Jnr.

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