Undressed Salad / April 2023

Junior flyweight Britpop act Salad last night made chart history for reasons they would rather forget.  The re-release of their 1997 second album Ice Cream has become the first album to not sell a single copy in its first week.

To add insult to injury there has been a report from within the record label saying "even the free promo copies have been turned down."

Band frontman, Marijne Van Der Vlugt, hit back at the laughers by saying: "True, it is a little embarrassing, but to be fair it probably sounds worse than it actually is. Most of our friends and family would definitely have bought a copy had they not still had the 1997 version. There's little point in having it again. I also think the pricing structure was wrong. But who knows what happens next? We all remember July 1982 when Captain Sensible's 'Happy Talk' entered the charts at a lowly 33 then jumped to the top a week later. Maybe the album will do the same? Unlikely."

When asked whether the band themselves even accepted their free promo copies of the album, Van Der Vlugt replied "I don't really do CDs anymore so I just left my complementary copy at the label. I think Paul (guitarist) was going to take his copy but he was holding some cheese and a pen at the time so decided to leave it for someone else. I know Pete and Rob (bass and drums) thought the whole re-release was a bit 'vulgar' so I doubt they took a copy either. Shame really as one of the previously unreleased bonus tracks 'Ride Me Like A Strange Egg' is a bit of a classic."

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