Thirty Years of Magic / June 2029

Thirty years after its original release, nineties superstars Casts third album is due for re-entry to the charts and aside from 2 extra discs of demos, b-sides and the like, the new version benefits from a brand new and quite bizarre sleeve concept. 

The original 1999 album featured an image of an 8 year old boy posing in front of a lake in Cumbria. The band wanted to reproduce the photo in the same place only with the boy as he is now in 2029 - a 38 year old man.
They managed to track him down and persuaded him to pose for the picture despite the fact he was now a she who was living, and loving, life as a 38 year old lady. (For legal reasons she cannot be named). As you can see from the two images they also changed the logo to red and moved it to the right a bit too. 
(The top image is the original 1999 release).

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