The Warm Jets Stick it to the Man / June 2027

A court injunction stretching back almost thirty years has resulted in a late nineties band having to track down and remove an advertising sticker placed on the front of their album.

The debut album Future Signs by indie pop band Warm Jets was released in 1998 to a wilting public recovering from post-Britpop syndrome. However a sticker (pictured) positioned on the front of the original CD name drops the Warm Jets alongside the likes of Wire, Kraftwerk, Blur, Blondie and Talking Heads which has landed them in trouble.

"The record labels and management teams for all of the bands named on the sticker have just really gone for it over the last thirty years." claims ex-Warm Jets singer Louis Jones. "I can't believe we managed to hold out for so long to be fair. Apparently it is slanderous to claim that our sound is (was) anything like any of them. So now we, as a band, have to reclaim all the copies and remove the sticker which is going to be a right pain as most of the copies are scattered across the charity shops of Britain."

Do you own a copy of Future Sign? Will you remove the sticker? Does any of it sound like Wire, Kraftwerk, Blur, Blondie or Talking Heads?

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