The Mysterious World of JJ72 / April 2030

Mark Greaney of JJ72 has "promised from the bottom of his heart" to come clean about the years of speculation over the meaning behind his bands name, provided the re-release of his bands eponymous debut sells more than a million copies.

Over the years rumours have included 72 jam jars from the popular traditional car game. Also references to Janis Joplin and singer Jimmy Jones have been considered, even James Joyce a 1972 rugby champion from the bands former school has been part of a third of a century of speculation. Other more sinister speculations have included JJ72 being a coded reference to drugs, a chemical equation for disintegrating a corpse and a brand of Turkish lubricant.

The 30 year re-release itself is almost identical to the original album minus a slightly smaller font size used for the stark black sleeve cover. This differs from the 2020 twenty year re-release which included a mutilated rabbit on the cover and had remixes by Dodgy and Feeder. It sold poorly, but Greaney is confident the new version, with the surprise potential news that accompanies it, will fair better:

"The public has wanted to know for years and I have kept it a secret. Not even my own Mother knows and she is dead now. I suppose she will never know."

After years of speculation about the bands name this will comes as incredible news for fans of the band, but many will remember Greaneys history in keeping his promises. At an open mic night in Dublin five years ago Greaney promised to explain the mysterious name if everyone in the bar bought him a drink. He left through the pubs backdoor two hours later and has never returned to Ireland since.

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