The End of and Era / October 2037

The final book in writer Graham Banfords highly revered anthology about mid nineties music is set for release at the end of the year, fifteen years after the first book from the series was released.
Book 50 of Some Might Say: The Complete Chronicles of Britpop is due to be out before Christmas and writer Banford promises that it will "truly be the definitive, absolute final word" on, in his words, "the most celebrated period of 20th century sound, and beyond."

The Penguin style books have been sporadically released since 2022 so collectors will naturally be pleased to have the final book for the boxset (pictured). They tell tales of the British music scene between 1993 and 1996, the year which Banford describes in this new book as "the beginning of the end for society, love, religion and above all music."

The collection hasn't been without its critics, with Banford unable to obtain interview or image copyright from almost every big band of that period it has meant that the books are missing some important history. In 2027 ex-Verve guitarist Nick McCabe called for the music press to "stop this lying cunt" and Amazon have failed to stock the series past book 19. Some also questioned the integrity of the books after it emerged that Coventry based band Codesplicer who feature heavily in book 37, were in fact a fictitious creation of Banfords. He still denies this claim despite no proof ever emerging of the bands existence.

But Mojo magazine have called it a "triumph of humanity" and have called for Banford to give, in their words "(Bob) Dylans pre-1965 demos a similar re-examination."
The book will be available at the end of year RRP £19.99

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