Spite and Malice the Dregs of Music / May 2021

The bridge section from the forth track from Placebos third album Black Market Music of 2000 has been voted the 'worst thirty seconds of sound ever recorded' by Bitter Bastard online magazine. Spite and Malice, the song in question which is apparently about 'an infatuation that doesn't go well... and homosexuality' is an absolute stinker from start to finish. However it is only at around one minute in that the offending thirty seconds begins and actually features a guest 'rap' from African American Hip hop artist Justin Warfield. Here are the lyrics:

Cut the deck
The queens left for dead
Soft and wet, scarf tied to the bed
Jack is all tragic when he stands alone
Feeling demonic, harmonic in a no go zone
You look well suited like you came to win
Lust, spite and malice, your degrees of sin
Cruising for pity and looking pretty as fuck
Ace take your chances
Queen wish you luck

Brian Molko spoke to us after the announcement and said "we're not surprised to be honest! It really is a fucking dreadful half a minute of music." It seemed the feeling of distaste for the song began almost instantly after the recording as Molko goes on to say, "after we had finished playing the final mix back Stefan (the bands guitarist) likened it to "ear rape", which seemed a little harsh at the time, but in hindsight he wasn't far off the mark! I remember literally begging the label not to include it on the album but they just kept laughing and laughing. It's one of those real cringe moments!"

We asked Molko if he takes any of the blame for the lyrics featured in the rap?

"For sure. They are abysmal. I wanted it to sound sexually confused but I came across as some kind of dominatrix gambling addict! I just feel so sorry for Justin. His career never recovered."

Warfield wasn't available for comment.

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