She's in Fashion / May 2019

Britpop band Thurman who had a very fleeting spell in the mid nineties limelight as one-time Steve Lamacq Evening Session single of the week winners, are to sell on the cosmetic props from their debut album almost a quarter of a century later.

Nicholas Kenny, Thurmans lead singer, told us that "the iconic eleven upright lipsticks on the cover of our debut album are set to be auctioned off. They represent individuality and the pressures of standing out from the norm. All of these things are what Thurman were, and are, about. The phallic undertones of the erect lipstick is also a response to womankinds relationship with fashion and the male genitals. They are wonderful pieces of music nostalgia and tell a vital section of the Britpop tale."

The lipsticks are available for a fiver each via the Thurman blog page with one apparently selling already.

The auctioning of the memorabilia is accompanied by a re-release of a mini version of the album. Not all tracks could be re-released as there were issues with plagiarism dating back to the 1970s which Kenny believes is "part of a vicious and on-going campaign of hate fronted by the Marc Bolan estate".  

Steve Lamacq, who purchased a lipstick, has hailed the re-release as "lovely" but feels the omission of 7 of the original 13 tracks as being "fucking barmy".

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