rOcK Computer? Thom Yorke interviewed / July 2037

This week Radiohead have come out with the bizarre admission that their 1997 seminal album OK Computer has been mispronounced all these years. We catch up with Thom Yorke who is keen to explain more.

NNME: So what is all this about, Thom?
TY: Basically the album was initially going to be called ROCK Computer but everyone at the label thought it sounded a bit naff. In fact, I remember a heated argument between Greenwood and I at the time over the very fact the album wasn't rock at all.  I'd like to say that punches were thrown, but if truth be told we both quickly agreed that the name wasn't appropriate. So we dropped the R and the C. Everyone thought it was called OKAY Computer but it was actually intended to be pronounced 'ok' (as in rock or wok).

Wow. That is some revelation. Why wait so long to explain?
TY: It didn't seem important. But with the upcoming forty year anniversary 14-disc, re-release of the album - 350633 hours of OK Computer - the label said we need to put some new information in the inlay booklet.

NNME: So is this the beginning of you revealing alternative names for the other Radiohead albums?
TY: Well Hail to the Thief was originally going to be called Hail to the Queef.

NNME: Wow- Hail to the Queef?
TY: No. That was a joke.

NNME: OK (or should I say 'ok'). Going back to 'ROCK' Computer what are the dropped R and C's a reference to?
TY: They aren't.

NNME: Are you sure?  The fans will want something to decode.
TY: Positive.

NNME: A name reference maybe; Roy Castle?
TY: No. As I explained they were just the surplus letters from ROCK.

NNME: Sure its not a Robocop reference? Or hinting at the Remote Control society we all sat upon the cusp of in 1997?
TY: Ok. That's enough.

350633 hours of OK Computer is released next month

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