Resurrected Again! / March 2027

The Stone Roses are set to re-release their eponymous debut album again later this year to celebrate the 38th anniversary of its release. The release will be spread across 8 CDs, with tracklisting as below:

DISC 1 The Stone Roses : Mono Edition
DISC 2 The Stone Roses : Stereo Edition
DISC 3 The Stone Roses : Ultra Mono Edition
DISC 4 The Stone Roses : Instrumental Edition
DISC 5 The Stone Roses : Original Version
DISC 6 The Stone Roses : Original Version (Tracks in reverse alphabetical order)
DISC 7 The Stone Roses : Stereo Version (Ian Browns mega mix order)
DISC 8 The Stone Roses : Alternative drum intros for I Am the Resurrection

The final disc is solely dedicated to different versions of the legendary 4/4 drum intro to I Am the Resurrection.

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