Total Recall: Peasants, Pigs and Astronaunts / April 2018

Claiming to have never heard the finished album mix, Kula Shaker have come out with the bizarre claim that their critically slammed 1999 second album was 'the wrong recording'.

Frontman Crispin Mills has put out a national plea to have all copies returned so the band can set the record straight on, in his words, 'the greatest follow-up album of the nineties'.

"I recently heard it for the first time at a kids party and thought; fuck me this isn't it!" Mills claimed. "No wonder no one liked it! There was meant to be loads more Indian stuff on it. Track 8 was meant to be a b-side and the levels are just wrong, wrong, wrong in so many places. A real shame. I recently dug out a demo of a track called Entering the Tomb of the Womb which was meant to be the 35 minute finale to the album. it is an amazing track; really psychedelic but in a waltzy 3/4 beat. The fact that the public hasn't heard that is a tragedy." When asked if there were any other aspects of the album he hoped to change Mills replied with "we'd probably change the cover whilst we're at it. Go for something more flamboyant."

This isn't the first time in recent years an album has been recalled. Lee Mavers asked for all copies of the La's debut album to be sent back 30 years after its release just to have tracks 4 and 5 moved the other way round as Mavers felt "the album flowed better that way". Only 23 albums were returned with Mavers later branding the British public as a bunch of "cultural parasites". 

To return your copy of Peasants, Pigs and Astronaunts send it to Columbia Records, Derry Street, London W8 5HY

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