Lets all meet up in the year 2000? / January 2025

An indie club night in Yorkshire that filled a time capsule with  copies of all the music that they regularly played back on New Years Eve 1999, were surprised last night to find that 25 years later their setlist was still exactly the same.

When Mark Bradshaw, DJ and organiser of York club night The Good, the Bad and the Britpop! spoke to us earlier of his surprise at the find or lack of findings. "It was amazing really. The 50 CDs were the exact CDs I had in my bag for that evenings disco! Turns out we have been playing the same music every week since 1999. It was a bit embarrassing really as we had invited the local paper and there was a pretty big crowd and when I pulled out The It Girl by Sleeper from the capsule everyone booed."

Club regular Paul Gallangbarn said "I have been here every Saturday and Friday night since 1999 and can't believe its been the same 50 songs on a loop! I guess it doesn't matter as I tend to just get pissed and dance like a twat anyhow! Love it."

Bradshaw re-sealed the time capsule and vowed that on its next opening in 2050 things will have changed.

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