Four bands and a Funeral / May 2027

Nineties Brit rockers Symposium are set to make a comeback later this year with a series of tour dates, but singer Rossy Cummings explains all is not as it seems.

NNME: Rossy. Long time no see. How have things been?
RC: Tough. Very tough...

NNME: Oh really? We were under the impression that Symposium were making a comeback? 
RC: Yes, we are. Well kind of. Unfortunately the rest of the band haven't spoken since the last reunion in 2024, except to me.  I am in contact with everyone its just William (guitar), Wojtek (bass), Joe (drums) and Hagop (guitar) who don't talk. They won't even be in the same room together.

NNME: Aren't bust ups part and parcel of band life?
RC: No this is big. I mean they literally despise each other. Some words have been said that can never be undone. But I still speak to everyone of them on an individual basis and they were all keen to get the Symposium songs on the road again.

NNME: So how is the reunion to work if you are the only member of the band who will talk?
RC: Well I proposed going on tour with each of them individually and using backing tracks to fill in the other members parts. Its pretty straight forward really. So when I go on tour with Joe there will be him on live drums and me on vocals and all the other stuff will be played through a backing track. When I do the gig with Wojtek he will be on his bass, me on vocals again and the other tracks through an iPod or something similar.

NNME: Wow. So will the bands all be called Symposium?

RC: Another problem. As we couldn't remember who had thought up the name and no one wanted to discuss it so we had to come up with four new names. William was sure he had come up with Symposium but when I told Wojtek he said it was him. It was an awful time, with me stuck in the middle of my best friends at war with each other. I remember holding a conference style call as a go-between the group. It all got really silly. 

NNME: How come?
RC: Well I don't want to go into details, lets just say two cars were written off for 'excessive vandalism' and one band members nose will never look quite the same again. 

NNME: Oh dear. Did you distance yourself from the fighting?
RC: Unfortunately, even though I was still friends with everyone my car still wasn't safe and was keyed on four separate occasions. I still don't know if it was one keying from each band member or one member doing it four times. Perhaps it was a permutation of two of them doing it twice or one of them three times and a solo keying. I have wasted too of my life already mulling over who the culprit/culprits were. Maybe it wasn't the band at all and was just the bored kids who congregate behind the allotments? Either way it is water under the bridge and Colloquium/Convention/Discussion/Gabfest are ready to move on.

NNME: Excuse me? What are Colloquium, Convention, Discussion and Gabfest?
RC: Sorry, I 'm not being very clear here. They are the new band names. We settled on the first four thesaurus entries for 'Symposium'.  It seemed the only fair way, the band with Hagop is Colloquium. Joes is called Convention, William and I are in Discussion and Wojtek drew the short straw and is in the band Gabfest with me. He was pretty pissed at that, but I said its the only democratic way to get Symposium up and running again.

NNME: So let me get this straight you are playing the Symposium songs with four bands, each band containing a different Symposium member? RC: I guess so. Its important that I mention now to the fans that every gig will see the same songs in the same order. I want to remain loyal to everyone. 

NNME: And the bands- Colloquium, Convention, Discussion and Gabfest- will be playing the same songs at the same venues, with you being the only constant?
RC: That's about the length of it. it sounds crazy and understandably people will think we are a bit daft but through all of the arguments, abusive phone calls and dog shit through letterboxes one thing still unites us: Symposium.

NNME: And finally what triggered this enormous argument?
RC: As I said I don't want to name names, but raising crucial questions about the parentage of certain individuals at a funeral is not the way to go about cementing a bands reunion. All a bit silly really.

NNME: Ouch. I guess recording new material will be a bit difficult?
RC: Who knows? We'll probably just do a re-release of the One Day at a Time EP or something like that.

The 12 gig run begin at the Hull Adelphi on the following dates:
Colloquium (Sept 7th)
Convention (Sept 8th)
Discussion (Sept 9th) 
Gabfest (Sept 10th)

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