Forward Thinking Football / July 2036

As England crashed out of the 2036 World Cup last night ex-Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher branded the BBC a "disgrace" and of "insulting the nations inteligence" by not using an Oasis song as part of the loosing montage at the end of the match.

A pitiful England lost 5-3 on penalties to a German side who played most of the match with only 9 men. But it isn't the nature of the defeat that hurt Gallagher but the way it was broadcasted, as the BBC chose to turn their back on almost forty years of sob-along lad anthems in favour of Classical composer Edward Elgar and his 1888 violin and piano work Salut d'Amour

"It is unacceptable to expect the football watching public to absorb new music at a time of national mourning" claims Gallagher. "There are so many songs the Beeb could have gone with from (our) first two albums. We had Stop Crying Your Heart Out two years ago in Amsterdam,  Don't Look Back in Anger saw us through the tears of the semi final penalty misery of Argentina 2030. Why change it if its not broken? Someone who was near me in the pub at the final whistle said through their tears that they would have even taken a bit of Hey Now. When England loose we all need a bit of a singalong, a big rousing chorus to get our national pride back. Nothing does that better than a bit of Don't Go Away or Wonderwall."

The BBC have released a statement saying that they "misjudged the nations expectation" and "are intensely apologetic." They went on to say "we had very real 'concerns' about using a piece of Classical music at such a sensitive time and there will be a full inquiry into how such an enormous social error could have been made."

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