Flogging a Dead Llama? / April 2018

A DVD about the late nineties Brit-Grundge outfit the Llama Farmers is set for release at the end of the month. The film, entitled None of You Were There, Not One of You, is a collection of video diary entries, live performances and footage shot of them recording their 1999 debut album Always Echoes. 

Clocking in at around 5 hours its length has been criticised by some, with the editor of Uncut Film Magazine music department describing it as being "about as boring and obvious as a music film could be" and the producers of "flogging a dead horse".  However, the chief editor of Kerrang magazine described it as a "pleasant watch" and that the 30 minute section at the 3 hour mark where lead singer Bernie Simpson is filmed drunkenly going into various Our Price stores and kicking in any bargain bins that contain the Llamas album, as being "amusing".

An unedited version will be released in November with a second disc, again of 5 hours, which documents the band members lives since their split up in 2001 and features footage of My Vitriol and Gay Dad.

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