A little more Powder required / January 2023

Close-but-no-cigar mid nineties band Powder are having to ditch plans to release a best of album and make a best of EP instead. Strict chart laws state that the Britpop legends planned release will only have a enough music on it to be considered an EP, therefore not eligible for the album chart. This will be a big blow for the band who never managed to stay together and release their debut album, splitting up in 1996 after singer Pearl Lowe fell pregnant. Apparently, Lowes life long dream was, in her words,  "to chart higher than anything by fookin' Pale Saints" which would be 40 or higher in the album charts. The tracklisting, and indeed every Powder song known to man, is as follows:

20th Century Gods
Dizgo Girl
Shave Me
Deep Fried
Memo From Turner
Sold Out

However Powders record label, Parkway Records, have said in a statement "we are looking into the possibility of sticking a few classic Britpop songs on the end to get it up to a suitable length and therefore chart eligible." It is not sure who would be considered but a rumour is circulating that the first three Dodgy singles and their b-sides may be joined onto the end of the album taking it up to 16 tracks long. However there were reports last night that Dodgy singer Nigel Clarke said this was "utter, utter bollocks".

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